Reviews on Amazon of EA's Spore game

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I am happy to see users making a statement about what they want, or more accurately, what they don't want. EA has added more restrictive Digital Rights Mangement (DRM) to their games recently. Spore has seen a backlash from its users and as a result the Amazon user rating of the game is 1 star after over 2000 user ratings. Many companies have tried DRM, most notably the music industry with MP3s. Microsoft, EA, RIAA all claim to do this to try to stop illegal copies but, truth be told, illegal copies are still available and the paying customers are the only ones dealing with the inconveniences of DRM. Instead, the companies need to figure out a way to inconvenience or cripple an illegal copy. Having restrictions put on paying customers' legal copies is just a bad idea. So bad, it appears Spore is having a surge in downloads of cracked copies that are DRM free because people are now simply trying to avoid the DRM! Probably not the intended effect that EA had in mind.

Spore Reviews

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