RelMeAuth · Microformats Wiki

RelMeAuth is a proposed open standard for using rel-me links to profiles on OAuth supporting services to authenticate via either those profiles or your own site.

Want to use your own site to login to other sites? Here's all you have to do: Just use rel="me" on your personal site, and enter your personal site as your URL on other sites. That's it! No odd new hidden meta tags or invisible XML side-files. Slightly longer explanation: 1. Add rel="me" links to your other profiles. Add rel="me" to links from your home page to your various profiles on other services. 2. Edit your other profiles to link back to your site. Edit your other profiles and set their "home page" or "personal site" or "URL" field to your personal site. Here's a list of profile sites that have URL fields and support rel-me. 3. There is no step 3. You're done.