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Opera11 Posterous extension for posting content directly to Posterous.com from a web page. Allows you to select the content on the page, such as text, images, video, etc., and will dynamically generate and populate the posterous post form for you. Very handy, especially since the bookmarklet for posterous does not currently work in Opera11 beta.

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Post content to your Posterous with this extension.

With this extension you can post content (images, video, text, etc) from pages to your Posterous. This is essentially a port of the Posterous bookmarklet to an extension (inspired by the Posterous for Chrome extension) and it functions in the same manner. Just click the icon for the Posterous dialog to appear, where you can choose what content from the page to use, edit it as you see fit, and then post it. Additionally you can highlight text on a page and then click the button and that text will be displayed in the dialog as a quote.

As an extension, it allows the inclusion of a beautiful icon without having to fuss with editing the skin to include a custom icon so that all of your bookmarklets don't look the same. Additionally the Posterous bookmarklet does not currently work in Opera, while this does.