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Dynamic Icons This page describes how to create a variety of callouts, bubbles, pins, and other graphics that can be requested by URL, or added as markers on top of other charts.

Flags Here are flags for some countries and territories. Back to top ;dp=;py=;po=;of="); } function createFreestanding() { var chemText = ChemTextbox.val().replace(/chem=/,''); var regType = /s=(\w+)/; if (regType.test(chemText)) { ChstTextbox.val('chst=d_' + chemText.match(regType)[1]); } var dataStringMatches = chemText.match(/d=((.+?)[^@]);/); if(dataStringMatches) { var dataString = dataStringMatches[1]; dataString = dataString.replace(/([^@]),/g, '$1\|'); dataString = dataString.replace(/@,/g, ','); dataString = dataString.replace(/@=/g, '='); dataString = dataString.replace(/@;/g, ';'); dataString = dataString.replace(/@@/g, '@,'); ChldTextbox.val('chld=' + dataString); } }

via code.google.com Dynamic icons and graphics using Google Charts API including weather icons and various others.