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Yahoo! Pipes Will Be No More

Yahoo! has made the announcement that Yahoo Pipes has reached End-of-Life. Wait, what!? NOOOOO!

Pipes End-of-life Announcement

Quote from the post: "As of August 30th 2015, users will no longer be able to create new Pipes. The Pipes team will keep the infrastructure running until end of September 30th 2015 in a read-only mode."

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How to output display current year using javascript

The following Javascript code will output the current year. I frequently use this code in the footer of web sites to keep the copyright year current.

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OnlineAthens.com Front Page - 8414px long (~11 pages)

Of the 1,240 x 8,400+ pixels, what is important for the web user on the onlineathens.com home page?

1024x768 is still the predominant screen resolution for onlineathens.com audience so 8414px is roughly equivalent to 11 pages.  Resolution data acquired from Google Analytics.

1024x768 screenshot:

1024x768 screenshot


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stevesouders.com: Don’t docwrite scripts

The problem with document.write for script loading is:

Feature creep