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Windows Live SkyDrive 25 GB Free Online Storage

How about 25 GB of free on-line storage?

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Web Page Performance Testing

The above link does not appear to work through our corporate firewall, I assume because it is on port 8080… oooohh look out! Whew, I am so glad they keep us safe!
Warning! Warning, you may get information overload when using this tool.

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Google Claims Opera Does Not Support Web Presentations

Google Ego Docs has strong words for Opera Web Browser when trying to create a new Presentation:

Sorry, but this browser does not support web presentations.

Usually, this is written the other way around to say the application does not support this particular browser. But, in this case, Google words it as though Opera does not support Google Doc's presentation application.

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Opera 9.6 Release is Imminent


Opera has not yet updated their site to announce the next release, but Opera 9.6 is available on the Opera FTP server as of today. They have also already generated the Opera 9.6 changelog.

Some of the interesting points for me in the Opera 9.6 changelog are:

duane's picture thinks Opera is only a mobile browser

If you visit any page on with the Opera desktop browser you will be refused the page and instead redirected to their mobile site. Inaccurate browser sniffing is so lame! Luckily, Opera will let me "Mask as Firefox" on the domain and the site works fine. However, this contributes to Firefox getting credit for usage when in reality it is Opera users. Professional work there EA!