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My Simpsons Character

I simply could not resist creating my own Simpsons character on SimpsonizeMe.com.

Duane SimpsonDuane Simpson standing

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Google Code New Features

I have been using Google Code for awhile to find code and projects that others have written. I just recently began looking at it from a developer perspective and I must say that I am impressed with what I see so far.

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Opera 9.6 Release is Imminent


Opera has not yet updated their site to announce the next release, but Opera 9.6 is available on the Opera FTP server as of today. They have also already generated the Opera 9.6 changelog.

Some of the interesting points for me in the Opera 9.6 changelog are:

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Mondrian Code Review On The Web

Google Tech Talks November 30, 2006 ABSTRACT Mondrian Code Review On The Web Credits: Speaker:Guido Van Rossum

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Yahoo! Pipes lets me mashup, manipulate and format content

Yahoo! Pipes allows me to mashup and manipulate content to my heart's desire. The interface might be a little daunting at first but becomes intuitive after awhile. The UI is actually impressive when you consider the enormous amount of power and flexibility the users have at their fingertips when using this tool.

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EA.com thinks Opera is only a mobile browser

If you visit any page on www.ea.com with the Opera desktop browser you will be refused the page and instead redirected to their mobile site. Inaccurate browser sniffing is so lame! Luckily, Opera will let me "Mask as Firefox" on the ea.com domain and the site works fine. However, this contributes to Firefox getting credit for usage when in reality it is Opera users. Professional work there EA!

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Reviews on Amazon of EA's Spore game

I am happy to see users making a statement about what they want, or more accurately, what they don't want. EA has added more restrictive Digital Rights Mangement (DRM) to their games recently. Spore has seen a backlash from its users and as a result the Amazon user rating of the game is 1 star after over 2000 user ratings. Many companies have tried DRM, most notably the music industry with MP3s.