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Tool for Debugging HTTP POST Requests

While evaluating MailChimp as an email service provider I noticed they referenced a tool which is useful in debugging HTTP POST requests.

PostBin lets you debug web hooks by capturing and logging the asynchronous requests made when events happen. Make a PostBin and register the URL with a web hook provider. All POST requests to the URL are logged for you to see when you browse to that URL.

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Cygwin Spam Trap

Just noticed that Cygwin home page has a spam trap at the bottom of the page. The following block of text is not visible to humans on Cygwin's page because it is white font on white background. I have not noticed many sites doing this, so is it common practice and I have just missed it before now? I wonder how well it actually works because I can not imagine it works very well for "blocking".


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URLEncode and URLDecode Using Javascript Bookmarklet

I find myself frequently needing to quickly URL encode and decode values. Here are two bookmarklets that prove useful for doing just that.

javascript:if(i=prompt('String to encode:'))prompt('Encoded:',encodeURIComponent(i))

javascript:if(i=prompt('String to decode:'))prompt('Decoded:',decodeURIComponent(i))
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European Junior Championships Indoorcycling 2009 Video

Be sure to watch long enough to see them perform together on the same bike.

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Aaron Conaway Writes About Answer To Bandwidth Problem

A coworker, Aaron Conaway, writes about an interesting answer to a question concerning the consumption of an enormous amount of bandwidth on the WAN circuit for one of our business units.

The Most Random Things Can Hurt The Network

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Yahoo! Decides To Un-Deprecate Term Extraction Web Service

By Popular Demand, We’re Keeping the Term Extraction Service

Apparently, many developers take advantage of this web service provided by Yahoo. I like the fact this particular service is integrated directly into Yahoo! Pipes. The module in Pipes allows for automatic keyword tagging of content within a feed.

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Java Web Start Running on Ubuntu Linux

We use Java Web Start to deploy a few of our Java applications. However, the Java Web Start that comes packaged in the default Java SDK with Ubuntu does not configure itself out of the box. Instead of going through the hassle of manually configuring the default Java Web Start on my laptop, I simply chose to install the Sun Java6 JDK on Ubuntu. This has made life easier.
The jnlp files now work properly on the system.

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How To Setup 301 Squirm Pattern

Assuming you already have squid cache configured and are using squirm as a redirector, it is simple to add 301 redirect paths.

Here is an example:

regexi http://www\.example\.com/example_redirect   301:http://www.example.com/new_location

Squid will return the appropriate 301 HTTP header location. Alternatively, you can set any of the redirect HTTP status codes in the response header.

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Sync Google Docs using Google Data API


GDataCopier is a Python API which enables uploading, downloading and listing of documents and spreadsheets to Google Docs servers using the Google Data API.

GDataCopier also provides a command line interface 'gdoc-cp' which allows simple copying to and from the Google Docs server.

GDataCopier has the following requirements:
* Python 2.5 or higher
* Google Data Python libraries, available from http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/clientlibs.html

Code example to export a document:

from gdatacopier import *

copier = GDataCopier()
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Google urchin.js Contains List of Organic Search Engines

The Google Analytics urchin.js contains a list of search engines and their query parameter. This can be useful to me as I build Javascript code to examine keywords used to arrive on our pages from search engines and then present additional related content based on those keywords.