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Windows Live SkyDrive 25 GB Free Online Storage

How about 25 GB of free on-line storage?

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Apache Expires Header using mod_headers and htaccess

I needed to add an expires header to an apache 1.3.x instance and the mod_expires module was not included in the build. However, I noticed (using httpd -v) that mod_headers was included.

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Web Page Performance Testing


The above link does not appear to work through our corporate firewall, I assume because it is on port 8080… oooohh look out! Whew, I am so glad they keep us safe!
Warning! Warning, you may get information overload when using this tool.

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Browser Handling Of XML Content

After reading this blog, it may or may not be obvious that I use Opera as my default browser at work and home. Recently I have been working with Javascript code using

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Amarillo TopJobs with YUI Animation

Here is an example of a web page module using YUI Animation Javascript library to automatically scroll Amarillo Top Jobs. In addition, I generate a link to Create a Yahoo! Alert allowing one to be notified via email or mobile phone of new RSS results which in this case are Top Job listings.

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Google Claims Opera Does Not Support Web Presentations

Google Ego Docs has strong words for Opera Web Browser when trying to create a new Presentation:

Sorry, but this browser does not support web presentations.

Usually, this is written the other way around to say the application does not support this particular browser. But, in this case, Google words it as though Opera does not support Google Doc's presentation application.

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Google Spreadsheet Form

Google Spreadsheets Visualization

I stumbled across an interesting feature in Google Spreadsheets which allows one to generate a simple form and have the responses automatically stored in a Google Docs spreadsheet complete with summary of results. The form can be sent via email, embedded on a page via iframe, or linked to directly as its own page.

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Yahoo! Search Pad Looks Promising

Hot on the heels of Google announcing that they will be ceasing development on Google Notebook Yahoo! is announcing that they are testing a new feature called Search Pad™. It is slightly creepy because it brings to your attention the fact that these search engines 'watch' what you search. Yahoo!

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Microsoft Cuts Flight Simulator Team

I am still trying to deal with the news that Microsoft has cut the Flight Simulator team. Of course, I feel horrible for the people who may have lost their jobs. I also am disappointed about the possibility of Flight Simulator not continuing to be developed. For most games, I wait until they hit the bargain shelves before purchasing. However, Microsoft Flightsim is the one game that I purchase soon after it is released and pay full retail price. The game was also directly responsible for most of my computer hardware upgrades and Microsoft Windows upgrades.

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My Simpsons Character

I simply could not resist creating my own Simpsons character on SimpsonizeMe.com.

Duane SimpsonDuane Simpson standing